What Vitamins Are Good For Memory And Concentration

What Vitamins Are Good For Memory And Concentration In Our Daily Life

No matter which nutrient you use, the effect will be multiple. Any supplement has multiple purposes.This is because our body isn’t separated into parts, so we can fix and feed only one part which we want. The human body is the whole, and the nutrients affect the overall health. Thus, whatever supplement you choose, it will help you. It is always better, of course, to take the one which is primarily focused on your need, but you won’t mistake if you take any of them. Let’s see what vitamins are good for memory and concentration.

Are you losing your memory?

losing your memory

What Vitamins Are Good For Memory And Concentration?

Through the years of our lives, our brain gets older as we are. It is a known fact, even all of us hope that it will bypass us for another few years. The scientific medical research shows that it’s impossible. Yes, someone gets older sooner, someone later, but we all lose our strength, youth and finally brain functions with years. So, what can we do about it? Will we just sit there and wait? Of course, not. Today is the market full of diverse supplements that can help us not only to resolve but also to prevent almost every health problem. We just have to pick the right one. But, what vitamins are good for memory and concentration? However, this is not an easy task, since we need to have a lot of information to do so.

Brain food and exercise

Brain food and exercise

Doctors all the time emphasise how the prevention is important for our lives. They speak about it constantly, and people’s awareness of it is finally wake-up. Today is normal that everyone takes care of its health every day. Many watch out what they eat, to feed healthy, not to smoke, not to drink, to exercise, to walk, etc. But, is this enough to save our health in today unhealthy environment? Maybe not, but we must do something. We cannot just sit there and wait what will happen, right?

The first rule is to feed healthy. This means that you should eat food with no Conservancy and other additives that are unhealthy.

healthy food

You can always choose a healthy food instead of junk food. Is better to eat a vegetable instead of fried meat. You can drink a freshly prepared juice instead of buying or worse the alcohols. Yes, there is always a choice.

Besides the healthy eating, you should also exercise your body and brain. You can read, write or solve crosswords for example. You can just walk away and enjoy the fresh air and green view. This will relax you for sure and give your body a new energy.

Useful supplements

Since we are living fast lives today and we do not always have time for fresh preparing of the food or we just want to go to the shortcut, we can use very helpful supplements. On the market, you can find whatever you need. You have numerous supplements from the various manufacturers, different types and various purposes. Choose one that suits you.

Useful supplements
According to your needs, with the help of the pharmacist, you can choose the right one. Even if you look after your health with proper food and lifestyle, you will probably need supplements. You can eat many avocados, blueberries or green vegetables, but you will need much more than that.

Vitamin bomb for the brain

What Vitamins Are Good For Memory And Concentration?

Vitamin E, as an antioxidant, protects the nerve sheaths and allows them to be healthy. It is recommended for those who are sick of Alzheimer’s, as well as all those who want to preserve healthy nerve and brain function. It is also vital for the prevention of the heart disease. Although a study in 2004 showed that vitamin E is dangerous and can lead to the death, all following studies have shown the fact that we know for years that vitamin E is crucial for the prevention of the diseases. It is maybe the most important vitamin.

Vitamin bomb for the brain
Vitamin B12 is producing new red blood cells and synthesising DNA. It’s also responsible for the energy cycle of metabolism. People who eat meats don’t need supplements. It’s enough to eat two eggs or chicken breast, and you will fulfil your need for the vitamin B12. Others have a need for a just three micrograms of the vitamin B12.

It is well-known that omega-3 fatty acids are the brain food. It increases brain size and memory. Also, produce the energy and repair damaged nerves. It has been observed that children with a higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in the brain have much more success in school and better focus. Also, studies have shown that omega-3 can be the better cure for the depression than the antidepressive drugs that are so widely used. People who are often on low-fat diets tend to have problems with diabetes and obesity. This is precisely related to the lack of omega-3 fatty acids. Think about that.

The folic acid produces healthy blood cells and maintains the level of oxygen in the blood. It is enough to skip one meal, and you will feel the fatigue that is due to the lack of this essential acid. The supplement is a quick solution. It’s enough to take 400 micrograms of the folic acid per day, and you will be full of the energy and your brain will works as a clock.

As known, vitamin B6 increases serotonin in the brain. This makes depression away from us. It also enhances memory function. Also, vitamin B6 lower homocysteine levels and thus destroys the tissue damage in the body. The result is a healthy body and an advanced brain function. You just need 1.6-2 mg of B6 per day, and your worries will be gone.

Magnesium is essential for our health. It speeds up the metabolism and regenerates the bones and the blood. Unfortunately, 90% of the US population has the lack of this mineral, which mostly causes the depression.

Vitamin C not only that preserves our health of a cold, but at the same time, it boosts our concentration and focus. Studies have shown that vitamin C is particularly helpful for children with ADHD symptoms because it helps the production of norepinephrine which is responsible for our attention and concentration.

It is always best to combine a variety of supplements. This gives a multiplier effect. The best combination for the improvement of the memory and attention is the combination of the magnesium, B6, and omega-3s. If you’re using it, your brain will form healthy neuro-connections and will work like a clock. If you add vitamin C, you have nothing to worry about. You can compete in all brain activities with many younger than yourself. Not only that, a healthy mind and body will bring you much happier life. Now you know what vitamins are good for memory and concentration in your daily life. So, enjoy it with a full breath and a bright brain.

Author Bio : Sabina Simonian is the co-founder of NootropicNation.com – a website that helps people by giving medical tips and  suggestion  to improve physical and mental health in daily life .

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