vitamin D

Things you didn’t know about Vitamin D

Many people only know the basics about vitamin D and that it comes from exposure to the sun. But vitamin D, and getting enough of it, is crucial for healthy bones, good heart health, a healthy immune system, reducing inflammation and the prevention of certain

overcome depression

Overcome Depression and Beat the Blues With Yoga

Summary: The high demanding life brings along various problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Yoga is an effective tool in the treatment of overcome depression. Learn about the yoga poses for curing depression. Majority of people perceive yoga as a physical exercise which offers

exercises to do at the office

10 easy exercises to do at the office

When added up, the amount of time you spend sitting at your office desk, on your commute to and from work and in front of the TV, then you have a recipe for disaster. To help you move more, we’ve put together 10 simple (and

Omega 3 Supplement

The Nuiances of Omega 3 Supplement

Your entire body produces Vitamin D alone, but only when you’re exposed to sunlight. The body may also convert DHA into EPA, but our bodies struggle to produce this conversion and it’s not a really efficient course of action. It is something which nourishes the


Are Humidifiers Good or Bad for your Allergies?

Humidifiers are devices that can be used to increase and eventually maintain the humidity levels in the atmosphere to avoid the discomfort from the effects of dry air. They work by spraying steam or water vapor in the atmosphere to increase the relative percentage of