Latest trends in hair loss treatments

Hair loss has become extremely common among men and women these days. Hair loss can be caused by a number of different reasons including genetics, hormonal imbalance, an autoimmune disorder, blood deficiency, nutritional deficiency, stress/anxiety, and injuries.
Thanks to the advanced technology and researches, we are now able to deal with each and every hair loss condition effectively. Although a hair transplantation surgery is still the most effective hair loss treatment, there exist many other options through which can get back good quantity of strands back on our scalp.
In order to restore the lost hair, the first thing we need to do is to find out the real culprits behind that conditions so that we can opt for the remedy that is best suited for our particular hair loss condition.
Latest hair loss treatments
Below mentioned are the most effective latest hair restoration treatments that are used to cure hair loss and baldness.
Stem cell FUE hair transplant
A stem cell is an advanced therapy that is known for providing completely natural and scarless FUE hair transplant outcomes.
In this procedure, during the follicular unit extraction, half part of the follicle and stem cell is left behind on the skin for suture regrowth. Hence the hair at the donor areas regrows giving you a complete scarless hair transplant procedure. You can avail this latest treatment at hair transplant Dubai clinic.
Platelet-rich plasma
A non-invasive hair loss therapy in which highly concentrated fluid is injected in the scalp for better hair growth.
This is done by injecting a sample of blood from the body of the patient itself. The obtained sample is then inserted in a specialized centrifuge which separates the PRP from the blood. The PRP is inserted in the scalp through a series of injections.
As we know platelets are concentrated with higher growth values and are useful for repairing the damaged cells, they work similarly here by repairing the damaged hair follicles and stimulating the growth of existing ones.
Laser therapy
Advancements have also made in the traditional lasers to utilize them efficiently for hair restoration and get the maximum outcomes from the procedure. Currently, many devices are used to perform such therapies but the most effective one’s HeadMax laser headband. It is a comb-like device that is used to direct the laser lights on the targeted areas of the scalp.
It works similarly to the process of photosynthesis in plants as it exerts low-level laser lights on the damaged hair follicles to relive and regrow them.
It increases the blood flow to the hair follicles which means more oxygen travels towards them, which boost up their growth. If you are planning to undergo a laser hair therapy for your hair loss concerns, it is recommended to have a consultation with a nearby expert. An expert would be able to know the real culprits behind your particular hair loss condition and suggest you a suitable remedy for that.
Mesotherapy is an alternative that cures hair loss and baldness problems in men and women by reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth.
It is done by injecting a cocktail of different growth medications such as supplements of proteins, vitamins, and enzymes. It regulates the number of nutrients in the scalp and provides the hair follicles with the sufficient amount of growth factors they require.
In this technique, the fluid is inserted in the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin, which connects the layer of fats and tissues of the body. For better results, a specialized Mesotherapy gun is used for this procedure.
This treatment spans over a period of months 6-7 weeks apart from each session. During the treatment, you can continue your daily routine as there is no discomfort induced by this therapy. However, your trichologist may suggest you take some cautions in order to avoid any mishap during or after the procedure.

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