How to increase your productivity in distraction

Life offers so many distractions to us that it becomes really impossible at times to generate 100 % productivity by wholesome efforts too. We need to learn and unlearn some specific art forms and tricks to ensure that our productivity remains to the chore in every work that we do. How is it possible to attain productivity in distraction?

Let us learn about 3 most prominent forms of distraction and how to avoid them?

  1. Social media and Phone:

These two factors have been clubbed together because most of the people have enabled social media apps in their phone only. It is one of the biggest distractions that people are facing these days. The buzz of messages and notifications from certain apps always keeps on crawling in our pattern of thinking which causes the stimuli of concentration to become unstable. An average person is known to be wasting around 3-4 hours a day on social media. Can you imagine having completed your various important tasks during this period of time or if nothing that extra binge of sleep could do wonders on your skin and mind?

The best way to get rid of constant intention of checking up your phone for some messages or notifications is to delete the unimportant social media apps from your phone. And as second step just disable the notifications or mute them so that while you are at some serious work, these apps notifications do not divert your mind.

  1. Knack of chit chat:

We love to socialise. Especially when it comes to our organization, everyone loves to form cordial relations with their team mates and do gossiping about the organization, its people and the work ethics. It is a very common human nature and nothing is wrong with this behaviour unless it becomes a distraction in your work.

If you feel that you are spending so much time in chit chatting with your colleagues and co workers, it is the time to remind yourself of your aim- maximum productivity.

In order to attain productivity in distraction be a little firm about what and when you want to talk to them. If the distraction happens from the other side, learn to make excuses to get back to work. Create work emergencies in your own mind and let them know so that they refrain from disturbing you every now and then. Gradually they will also learn to tame their behaviour and you will feel good at the completion of work at the end of the day.

  1. Cravings for eating:

We do not deny that working continuously over one thing can become monotonous and boring. Sometimes people dwell in to the habit of eating something or the else every next minute. Taking the slices of healthy fruits and vegetables is one thing to appreciate that too at suitable breaks in between your work, but if one starts craving for junk food- it is certainly neither good for health nor a good work ethic.

In order to derive productivity in distraction from eating, immediately take up some or other workout routine. This will make you to start feeling good about your body. You will start liking things that are good for your health and discard those causing harmful effects. Put a ban on your cravings of eating junk and substitute it with something healthy- such as the tea can always be altered with green tea or black tea.

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