Gout Pain Causes and Cures

Gout is known as the most common kind of arthritis in which a severe pain is felt by patients, swelling is seen on the part of body affected by gout and joints gets stiffness that causes many problems. In most cases the gout causes problems in big toe and intense pain is the biggest problem in this disease which many times becomes unbearable for patients. This diseases affects in the form of timely attacks that can come and go in quick times and can affect your body time to time where you will experience great amount of pain. Main reason of gout is the excessive uric acid in blood that causes pain in human body. Following are the some causes for gout pain:
Gout Pain Causes:
Uric Acid: increase in uric acid in blood is he main reason of gout disease and the disease is also known with another name called hyperuricemia. Uric acid can trigger inflammation to the affected parts and it can also make the surrounding tissues of joints painful.
Age and Gender: The production of uric acid depends on age and gender like men’s body procure more amount of uric acid then women and the uric acid creation is increased with the age.
Genes and Family: In case if there is a history of gout disease in your ancestors then there is chance of being your body have the gout problems.
Alcohol Consumption: the person who consumes a lot of alcohol is likely to have higher level of uric acid because the alcohol causes problems in uric acid removal process in the body.
Medicines of certain types: Some types of medicines are responsible for increasing uric acid inside human body and which can lead to gout disease. The medicines like diuretics are able to increase uric acid and also some drugs that contain salicylate can cause gout disease by increasing uric acid in your body.
Weight: If a person is overweight then his/her body will generate more uric acid as a waste element of metabolic process which increases the chances of gout disease in human body.
Gout Pain Cures:
There are a number of cures available for gout pain in which medicines and surgeries are included but the most effective and risk free method is ayurveda. Ayurveda has a number of herbs that can cure gout pain disease easily. Ayurvedic treatment for gout pain is risk free and side effect free method in which you have to follow the intakes of some herbs on daily basis and the uric acid is controlled into your body. So a person can prevent gout pain and its timely attacks by controlling the uric acid creation inside his/her body and that can be easily done with Ayurvedic Remedy for Gout Pain. You can also go for certain medications that reduce uric acid development in your body but there can be some side effects of using those medicines. Ayurvedic medicines are side effect free and anyone can use to cure gout pain.

Consult with an Ayurveda expert to know which herbs are to use to treat gout pain with ayurveda.

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