Easy Ways to train your brain

With age, the neurological abilities of our brain start depleting. We find it difficult to connect the dots from our past remembrances quite often. Our ability to recall starts diminishing and we tend to forget things quite more often.

We have seen many elders who defy the age numbers and achieve sharp mental and physical fitness levels through practice and training. Therefore, various studies have been conducted to find out the causes whether what causes one person to have a significantly better brain than others. There have been surprising results from the various studies that were conducted. Some of the state that these factors are genetic while others justify that those who train their minds through proper work out techniques often do not face any problems such as loss of memory or blunt mind throughout life.

There are some very simple brain training exercises that help in giving you requisite workout for your brain. Along with a healthy diet, these exercises play a vital role in shaping our thoughts and the structure of our brain.

  1. Learn to play some musical instrument:

We can basically refer to learning music as learning a new skill. Music provides relief to the soul in various moods and context of life. We generally do not have to rely on a big set up to enjoy the notes of music. You can join some music classes in your neighborhood or start taking home tuitions to learn some specific musical instrument.

  1. Skip the calculator:

For doing smaller counting these days we are relying very much on the artificial intelligence and technology. We seek a calculator for simplest of calculations in the day to day life. It has not only reduced our ability to master the calculations but also has made our brain blunt and lacking in the practice with numbers. More you play with the numbers in daily life, more expertise you achieve. Not only this, practice to mind is just like food to the body. Therefore, get involved with the numbers to a better extent.

  1. Make a note of things that you need to remember:

Instead of noting down everything in your phone diary, it will be a great idea to use a physical pen and paper approach. You can use a simple notebook or diary to enlist the things to buy or things to do etc. When you pick up the pen and paper and use your hand to write something, the mind is able to remember the efforts made and thus can have a better recall through visualization. A detox from technology here and there is good for the brain. This is one of the most popular and easiest brain training techniques that will keep your life organized too.

  1. Get involved in some sports:

For your physical fitness as well as mental well being it is suggested that you get involved in some physical activity. It can be anything from simple yoga classes, cycling, walking, jogging to swimming, athletics or gym workouts. When you indulge in the physical form of activities you tend to develop a better understanding of your own limitations and strengths. The brain also gets more active with physical activities and brings all its focus to the present moment.

These are simple exercises to train your brain. That can help anyone who is looking forward to enhancing the horizon of his or her brain. Life is full of challenges and having a sharp brain helps you to counter those challenges with ease through all walks of life.

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