Simple Ways to Lose Weight on a Budget

It’s March and a lot of people will still be using the New Year to motivate them-selves to lose weight. But what if shopping and whole food stores and getting a personal trainer at the high-tech gym down the road just aren’t within your budget? Here’s some helpful tips on how you can lose weight on a budget.

Drink Water

It might seem like an obvious tip but our bodies are 50-70% water. Most people don’t realise the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day to help the body run. Although the recommended amount of water is about 1.5 litres, drinking up to 2.5 litres supercharges your metabolism and helps your body burn fat much more efficiently. Drinking water can also help keep you feeling full throughout the day so that you are less likely to overindulge at meal times. Tap water is free in all restaurants so you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on expensive bottled water!

Skips the Diet Alternatives

With the evolution of diet culture came the surge in prices of diet food and diet products. These products aren’t necessary for a healthy diet and weight loss. The key here is not to replace chocolates, cheese, butter and fats with lower calorie versions, it is to simply create balance within your diet and change the way you eat. Instead of replacing 100g of full-fat cheese with an expensive 100g of low-fat cheese, stick to the original but only have half the amount. The key to weight loss isn’t a simple magical cure, but learning how to eat right for your body.

Plan Your Meals

Where many people fail in their weight loss journey is the failure to plan meals ahead of time. It’s all too easy to get a takeaway meal or to grab a chocolate bar when you’re hungry and not sure what to eat. The best thing to do is to bulk cook some simple healthy meals such as soup, chilli or casseroles so that you always have a meal ready for you. Bulk cooking can make cooking really cheap and mean that you never waste anything.

Buy a Kettlebell

Exercise is a key part of weight loss and alongside free exercises such as running and riding a bike, a great way to step up your exercise is to invest in a kettlebell or something similar like a weighted medicine ball. These can be extremely affordable and can be used for a full body workout. Using this one piece of equipment can increase your muscle and boost your metabolism.  Having more muscle also means your body burns more energy throughout the day!

Fill Your Plate with Greens

Make sure that with nearly every meal you have a side of green veg. Green vegetables are a major source of iron and are great sources of calcium. Not only are green veg great source of vitamins, they will fill you up and reduce the chances of you feeling as though you need a second portion of carbohydrates or fats. Aim for around 50-100g per meal and get creative! Replace or add to your spaghetti with courgetti and add or replace your rice with broccoli rice.

Have you tried any of these lose weight tips? Let us k­­­now how they worked for you and any tips you have!

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