No More Excuses – Exercises you can do anywhere

We all have those days where we don’t feel like leaving the house to go to the gym. Of course not many of us are fortunate enough to have that costly gym equipment at our house. As exercise is so important, what options do we have on days like this? Well if you are lucky enough with the weather then of course a nice walk around the neighbourhood could come in handy. If the weather isn’t good and you are stuck indoors we have a few tips for you. Remember at home you are able to play your favourite music to help get you in the mood; alternatively some of these exercises are able to be done in front of the television which really helps as your mind will be focused on other things.

We give you some good tips which can help you:

Jogging in Place:

This works as a great warm up for any other exercise which follows. Jogging on the spot can be done in front of the television or with the music on and it really gets the heart going. Of course you will need to make enough room for yourself but the only equipment needed for this exercise will be a good pair of running shoes which will help alleviate the stress on your legs.

Jumping Jacks:

Another fantastic warm up exercise which really gets the heart pumping and we all know how important a good cardio workout is. The added bonus of the Jumping Jack is that it brings an element of fun to the workout.


Let’s get the exercises started with our legs and buttocks. Make use of a normal chair and just simply stand and then sit down again. Repeat this in sets, of course the more regularly you train, the more sets you will be able to do. You will feel a squeeze in the buttocks and legs and this shows it’s a good workout.


These are generally known as the best exercise for building up and strengthening your ABS. Focus on getting up until you feel the stretching of your muscles. Once you feel that you are comfortable with doing a few sets of these, focus on bringing your head all the way up to give you an added workout.

Light Weight Lifting:

This is fantastic to do at home as there are so many options to pick from as far as the actual “weights” go. You can make use of anything such as a tin of beans to start with. You can combine this with the jogging on the spot exercise as well. Once you feel comfortable and would like to move on to another level start using things like empty bottles of laundry detergent which you have refilled with water. There are a lot of options.

Dancing exercises:

Last but not least, our favourite form of exercise, dancing. Another exercise which is a great cardio workout and will also act as a great warm down for the muscles you have used in your workout. Throw in the Fun Factor and it really is a win-win. Dance until you can’t dance no more and enjoy the benefits of a great workout.

As you can see there really is no excuse to not exercise every day. Whether it’s raining or you just don’t feel like leaving the house, there are simple options available to you. Have fun and keep on training.

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