Heartburn – Causes and Home Remedies

Heartburn Causes

When our digestive system is overloaded with too much food, or fat consumed in haste, gastric acid in the lower esophagus rises. Feeling in this case is called, simply, “heartburn”.

It is easier to prevent than to cure.
Eat slowly, avoid fatty foods and assigned your meals evenly throughout the day.

Juniper berries

Acid production can be controlled with juniper berries.
Eat 10-15 berries and a teaspoon of aniseed or mustard.

Raw potatoes

Cut a potato into slices, and chew it slowly and well. Potato juice is also a cure with quick effect.

Carrot juice

Drink 1/4 liter of carrot juice as soon as possible after the occurrence of burns. Its effect is downright amazing.

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