Our body consists of a reserve of cells that can differentiate into any tissue system if provided with the right stimulus. These cells are a storehouse of regenerative potential mainly stored in the bone marrow, umbilical cord, placenta, and other tissue rich sources of body fluids and organ parts.

These cells are known as Stem Cells and are totipotent in nature. The stem cells are derived from the hematopoietic cells in the bone marrow and can differentiate into any tissue structure. Stem cells are like golden eggs for the healthcare industry. You can regenerate and heal any infirmity in your body using stem cell therapy. Whether its excised cancerous tissue, diseased, amputated parts of the body, lost tooth structure, cornea, disorders like leukemia, and much more.
Stem Cell therapy although under a wave of controversy in the recent past has continued to gather attention and while bone marrow transplants have been provided for the past 3 decades, there is much more to explore in this arena.

Research in the field of Stem Cell Therapy doesn’t occur in the US. Now that is a concern since most people in America are prone to degenerative disorders and the already exorbitant health care doesn’t allow for a less invasive and destructive form of treatment.

With Healthcare and Wellness Bazaar having its foundation in Tijuana, Mexico and spanning across San Diego California, one can be rest assured of the best results while you save up on your money that may have been spent in the US as the healthcare and insurance system there doesn’t cover stem cell therapy which may cost as much as $35000 USD. Health and Wellness Bazaar ensures that you save almost 80% of the total cost for this therapy which also incorporates the travel fare. Moreover, safe and effective treatment is ensured, with a dedicated team of clinicians and surgeons leading the way.

Stem Cell Therapy is the new age treatment which needs to be promoted more, and with the help of medical tourism, this treatment modality is being made more popular and more lives are being saved. Imagine being able to live a normal life again after a crippling surgery due to malignancy, infection or accident. These totipotent cells can differentiate into any form and provide you with the exact replica of the lost tissue of your body.

With the help of local and intravenous administration of stem cells, their culturing in a sterile environment and careful selection of candidates for the procedure, stem cell therapy in Tijuana, Mexico has found many takers from all over the world. The highly trained staff ensures precision at every step of this procedure to generate maximum results. In many cases the stem cells transplanted onto the target site have been instrumental in stimulating other stem cells to get differentiated.

With the help of pick up and drop off facilities, tests, incorporation of all diagnostic and surgical fees into the package apart from various materials and medications, Health and Wellness Bazaar ensures that your needs are met at one stop, and you can get yourself treated with zero hassles.

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