Environment and Its Effects on Human Health

Health means a body, which is free from diseases. The condition of health of the people does not depend on the number of hospitals and doctors but also on clean, hygienic and a healthy environment. An unaclean environment can be responsible for some health issues because environmental changes have a direct contact on human health. A healthy environment is the one with low pollution, clean water and static economic levels.

Environment and its Effects on Human Life:

An environment is the surrounding natura latmosphere, which helps life to nourish, grow and prosper on this planet. Natural environment plays an important role in the survival of life on earth. It helps human beings and other living things to nurture and develop naturally. However, due to some awful and selfish activities of the human beings, our environment is getting artificial. It is the most important topic that everyone must know how to guard our environment to keep it safe, secure and protected forever. So, ensure the nature’s balance on this world to continue the survival of life.

There are varieties of phases, which frequently happen between environment and living things to preserve the nature’s balance. However, by any means, if such phases get disrupted, nature’s balance also gets disturbed which eventually affects the human lives. Our environment aids us and other forms of life to grow, develop, flourish and prosper on the earth for several years.

As human beings are considered as the cleverest creature made by nature on the earth. They have lots of keenness, eagerness and enthusiasm to know things in the universe, which direct them towards the technological development. Such technological development in everyone’s life put the life chances on the earth in risk day by day, as our environment is devastating slowly but surely. It seems that one day it would become so much risky for life as the natural air, water and soil are getting impure. Even it has started showing its adverse effects on the health of human being, plants and other living things.

The environment has an effect on human health in two ways. The first way is linked with a direct effect of toxins discharged by industries into air and water as well as by the release of gases by automobiles. In an urban population, the happening of diseases isstrongly linked to the worsening of air and water quality.

The second way is linked with the quality of environment at the place of work. Over the years, it has been found that workers in certain occupations. Such as mills or stone crushers undergo through occupational diseases. The worsening of the environment such as stagnant pools in villages and cities provides productive ground for breeding of such factors.

A lot of such diseases carrying vectors have developed resistance to pesticide, overcrowding and unhygienic living condition in cities particularly in slums have also contributed to increasingin other infectious diseases.

Measures for Healthy Environment:

If you keep track of a healthy environment, you will automatically be able to achieve the goal of healthy people. There may be some important measures as follows that might aid you to get healthy environment ultimately healthy people.

Use Clean Drinking Water:

Suppose that all sources are unsafe and risky for use until permitted by local health department. If the water is cloudy and contains small particles, let the particles to settle down and pour off the clear water into a separate container. It is recommended to boil water before use because most of the diseases spread through contaminated water. If you use clean water, you would be able to keep yourself safe from many diseases and remain healthy.

Food and Milk:

As the environment has a great impact on living beings so those which are grown in a healthy environment would be far better for your health. If the safety of milk is suspicious or when only raw milk is accessible, bring the milk to a boil and cool in a clean container. If boiling is not possible it is preferable to use canned or powdered milk mixed with safe water. Utensils should be used if clean and not exposed to flood water. Uncooked foods exposed to flood waters should be kept away from usage unless cooked thoroughly because of likely contamination. If raw foods are necessary to be used then clean thoroughly before eating. After that clean and then sterilise all utensils and equipment as well as before use.

Sewage disposal:

There should be a proper sanitary system. Any home or building that is not directly connected to a city or municipal sewage system needs a method for getting rid of human waste.  All the buildings, which are not examined by a centralised treatment plant, require having an onsite sewage disposal system that is appropriately designed and filed with the public health authority. A typical sewage system may include two main parts, which are aseptic tank and dispersal area. For a healthy environment, these two parts must be provided.

Garbage and Insect control:

Garbage and other wastes should be buried in deep holes and covered up, located far away from any well or the surface water. These wastes further can be utilised for energy harvesting so proper system should be followed.

Household Cleaning:

For healthy lifestyle, it is very important to keep yourself clean first and the clean your surroundings, due to which you will automatically contribute towards healthy environment because when you try to keep yourself healthy on the back end, you make the environment healthy. Clean your furniture, wash plastic, metals and leather surfaces with gentle soap and water and wipe out immediately. Expose to open air and the sunshine.

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