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Lavender hand cream

How to Come Up with Your Own Homemade Lavender Hand Cream

If you are a hand cream fanatic, then you must be obsessing over different blends and flavors including a lavender hand cream. Lavender hand cream is considered the best hand cream. It’s completely natural and its aroma makes you feel better and rejuvenated. Plus, it


Top Natural Home Remedies for Scabies

Overview Scabies is known as a skin condition which is extremely uncomfortable and contagious. The issue is commonly found in both young adults and children. You should remember that this skin condition enables to spread quickly between people who make direct contact with each other


Heartburn – Causes and Home Remedies

Heartburn Causes When our digestive system is overloaded with too much food, or fat consumed in haste, gastric acid in the lower esophagus rises. Feeling in this case is called, simply, “heartburn”. It is easier to prevent than to cure. Eat slowly, avoid fatty foods

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Gums – Simple remedy with nettle

Bleeding Gums should be treated very seriously. Bleeding Gums lead to serious problems, such as tooth loss. I give you an simple remedy of nettle leaves and flowers. You can heal Bleeding Gums with only 2 simple steps: 1. Thoroughly wash the leaves and flowers of

dry socket

Top 15 amazing home remedies to get rid of dry socket

Dry socket consists of a bunch of annoyed symptoms to your mouth that affect widely your life and work. Insightful, you can see a lot of home remedies to get rid of dry socket quickly. Learn more details in this article. Cold compress Wrap some ice