Arch Pain: Know the Causes and Remedies

For most people dealing with aches and pains is commonplace. They take an analgesic and the pain goes away. But if you are one of the nearly 2 million people every year dealing with arch pain, going on with your regular activities can be difficult.

Although there are other reasons for chronic foot pain, the leading cause is called plantar fasciitis. Plantar arch is an irritation and swelling in the bottom of the foot. It occurs when the plantar fascia which is the thick connective tissue that runs from the toes to the heel through the arch of the foot becomes irritated and swollen, which causes plantar fasciitis arch pain.

The main plantar fasciitis symptoms are a burning painful sensation beginning in the heel and radiating into a pain in the arch of the foot. Especially occurring on first standing after a period of rest.

Plantar fasciitis treatment is easy and for those who suffer the good news is it is treatable simple exercises, rest, and a mild anti-inflammatory medication. These are often enough to cure this arch and heel pain. You can learn more here about Plantar Fasciitis foot massagers.

Other causes of chronic arch pain

Other conditions that can cause moderate to severe foot arch pain range from simple foot injuries like sprains and strains, flat feet and running injuries such as metatarsalgia to the more serious such as Brachymetatarsia and Morton’s neuroma. Below you will find a few of the more common causes of foot pain.


This condition usually manifest with pain and inflammation in the ball of your foot. It is caused by either extreme activity such as dancing or running or by wearing shoes that do not fit. The best way to relieve this condition is ice and rest.


This is a condition where one of the long bones of the foot is too short. The condition occurs when the growth plate closes too soon and the bone cannot continue to grow. The treatment for this condition can range from special shoes to surgery.


This is a condition of the ball of the foot. It is characterized by a gradual onset of pain that can go to a mild ache to agony. The cause is generally too much activity putting stress on the sensitive sesamoid bones and is treated by rest.

If you suffer from any kind of a pain in the arch or another type of foot pain including hyper-pronation please feel free to contact your doctor for an appointment to begin arch pain treatment.


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